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Special Maps

Specific node

Draw circles or radials for every measurement made by a specific device on a specific day.

Device ID:
show data for all devices
show data since the beginning of time (a lot of data - this will crash your browser)
Show markers for gateways



This is the old TTN Mapper style. Use with caution as this will slow down your browser.

Areas - alpha shapes

Plot areas of measured coverage. This is done using alpha shapes.


Draw circles to indicate the radius a gateway can reach.

All gateways

View the coverage map with placemarks for all TTN gateways.

No gateways

View the coverage map without any gateway markers.


Overlay the coverage map with the data from http://pade.nl/lora/. Most of this data is already merged into the TTNmapper dataset. This function overlays a copy of Pade's raw data onto the processed TTNmapper data. This will slow down your browser!

View TTNmapper's data in the same format as Pade.nl. In other words, draw circles of which the colour is a representation of the signal-to-nise ratio.
Show markers for gateways

Moved gateways

View a list of gateways that have moved.